The teaching and welfare systems are a critical element of the success of any school. RALSA schools employ some of the best Teachers and Administrative staff in the country.

All academic staff will have a general level of education normally represented by a first degree or equivalent. They will also have qualifications appropriate to the courses they are teaching as stipulated by the Accreditation Scheme.

As part of our committment to the ongoing development of our teachers RALSA organizes a series of Teacher Training sessions that have proven incredibly popular over the last few years. They continue to shape the way our teachers think about the language they are teaching and it gives a forum in which to discuss new and dynamic teaching methodology.

A full list of forthcoming RALSA Inset sessions is available to teachers by visiting the Events page.

Should you be thinking of a career in teaching or simply looking for advice about teaching English language to international students then please don’t hesitate to contact Pat Machiori-White at who will be happy to help.

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