International students often face many different dilemas when deciding to come to the U.K to study. RALSA schools offer guarantees that can help the decision making process of students who are looking for assurances about their courses and academic progression, on-going welfare, secure and safe Accommodation choices and finally a safe and friendly local community in which to socialize and feel accepted.

All RALSA members have been inspected by the Accreditation UK scheme. Students therefore are safe in the knowledge that once they embark on what is often a life changing experience they will have thier every need attended to by the institution of their choice.

Accredited schools are inspected at least every four years and often have ‘spot’ inspections during this period. The aims of these inspections are to maintain the highest possible standards for all students wishing to attend their chosen institute.

There are 4 main areas in which all schools are inspected and these are:

  • Management
  • Resources and environment
  • Teaching and learning
  • Welfare

For more information concerning the inspection criteria please visit the British Council website:

During the year RALSA schools organise a number of events aimed at bringing the International student population together to have fun and share experiences. Events include:

  • Inter-School Sports competitions such as Football and Beach Volleyball
  • Club evenings
  • Karaoke evenings and much more....................

Please click here to see a diary of events organised by the RALSA committee:

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