Accommodation (Students)
Students embarking on their chosen courses often find the dilema of which accommodation type to choose a very difficult one to make. RALSA schools offer a variety of accommodation types to suit all student’s needs and budget.

The vast majority of International students choose home stay accommodation where they stay with Host families often close to their chosen school. All families are inspected by the relevant school and follow their own internal policies as well as the British Council criteria in order to maintain the quality of home stay they offer. Normally students stay with families on a half-board basis with full-board offered at the weekend.
Many students comment on the daunting first day when they arrive but how they are often made to feel part of the family in a very short time. Staying with a family offers the support and welfare that many students crave and of course gives them a great opportunity to sample British family life.

Other forms of accommodation exist in the town such as Residential accommodation, hostels and Bed & Breakfast.

Accommodation (Prospective families)

If you are a family that wishes to host International students and visitors then please make sure you contact your local schools. Many families have taken students for many years and enjoy the new experiences every student brings to their home. Families are often a point of contact for students when problems occur and with the great relationship that exists between the families and the RALSA schools the support network is huge and students feel that they have people to turn to in and out of school.

If you are interested in becoming a host family or you are able to offer a different kind of accommodation please look at the following link which offers helpful advice and tips in becoming an Internaitional host

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